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Mod 314 or not? Empty Mod 314 or not?

on Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:19 am
Dear all,

while being busy with SN107 we (my MX shop and I) did the last couple of items before the aircraft finally can fly on the new register. One was the SB121/69 regarding the Nose Wheel Steering. In the old documentation it was not clear whether Mod 314 has been installed or not and the last complying check with this SB was more than 250 Landings old so we decided to have a look. Unfortunately we could not see any Marks that corresponded with the SB. The only indication was that only one Support bracket was installed. An external inspection and a quick boroscope check showed no real issues.

Now i'm looking for some help from you experienced Pup/Bulldog owners an/or engineers to let me know what they think...whether the attached picture shows a modified or non-modified nose wheel steering (please disregard the dirt and the corrosion Smile ...these are dealt with) :

Many thanks for your help.

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